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Ali Yıldırım


Konya Kyoto Japanese Park offers its visitors a unique experience as a peaceful and aesthetic space that brings together Eastern and Western cultures.

As part of enhancing Turkish-Japanese relations, this park was constructed, and in return, there is a Konya monument in the Japanese city of Kyoto.

History and Formation

Konya Japanese Park emerged as a product of cultural relations between Turkey and Japan. In 1993, a “Sister City” relationship was established between Konya and Kyoto. This sister city bond opened up possibilities for cultural exchange and collaboration between the two cities. As a result of this relationship, the Japanese Park project came to life.

Design and Architecture

Konya Kyoto Japanese Park captivates with its combination of traditional Japanese garden design principles and unique Turkish architecture. The main entrance gate of the park is a typical Japanese torii gate, inviting visitors into the serene atmosphere of the park. Stone paths, wooden bridges, fountains, and natural vegetation found within the park all reflect the Japanese garden style.

Garden and Landscape

The main feature of Konya Japanese Park is its enchanting landscape that incorporates elements of traditional Japanese garden art. The artificial pond at the center of the garden, surrounded by rocks, natural boulders, and plants, provides visitors with a sense of peace and tranquility. Bonsai trees, an essential part of Japanese gardens, are also showcased in the park. For example, Sakura, the fruitless cherry trees, are among them. The art of bonsai involves cultivating trees in small sizes and shaping them artistically.

Around the pond, pergolas, small waterfalls, Japanese-style pathways, and bridges have been built in accordance with Japanese architecture. The pond is home to turtles and numerous Japanese Koi fish.

Tea Garden and Restaurant

Konya Japanese Park also features a tea garden and a restaurant. Visitors can enjoy traditional Japanese matcha tea and experience the Japanese tea ceremony tradition. Examples of Japanese cuisine, such as sushi, are also offered.

Konya Japanese Park is a special place where Eastern and Western cultures come together, symbolizing peace and friendship. The harmonious blend of traditional Japanese garden design and Turkish architecture makes the park unique and impressive. This special place offers visitors tranquility and serenity, reflecting Konya’s cultural diversity and open-mindedness. With its natural beauty and cultural richness, Konya Japanese Park provides visitors with an unforgettable experience.