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Ali Yıldırım


The 80 Thousandth Revolutions World Park is a theme park located in the Meram district of Konya.

The 80 Thousandth Revolutions World Park consists of three sections:

Cihan-ı Türk Park

It houses miniatures of 120 architectural works from the historical Turkic Islamic geography. Some of them are as follows:

  • Mersin Maiden’s Castle
  • Taj Mahal
  • Sırçalı Medrese
  • Mostar Bridge
  • Sultan Sencer Tomb
  • Shirvanshahs Palace
  • Ishak Pasha Palace
  • Malabadi Bridge
  • Amasya Yalıboyu Houses

T-Rex Park

In this section of the 80 Thousandth Revolutions World Park, there are about 50 voice-activated and movable dinosaur sculptures. It attracts the extraordinary interest of children. This area, reminiscent of a miniature Jurassic Park, has sculptures of dinosaurs in their actual sizes.

Cotton Candy Park

This area is dedicated to fairy tale characters. There are numerous sculptures of characters from Smurfs to Winnie The Pooh, Flintstones, Madagascar, and Shrek films.

Highlighted features of the 80 Thousandth Revolutions World Park:

  • Inspired by Jules Verne’s famous novel “Around the World in 80 Days.”
  • The park features miniatures of countries and cities mentioned in the novel, dinosaur replicas, fairy tale figures, and much more.
  • It caters to visitors of all ages.
  • The park includes playgrounds, adventure parks, water parks, and more for children.
  • For adults, there are restaurants, cafes, and various facilities.
  • It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Konya.
  • The park welcomes millions of visitors every year.
  • The park contributes significantly to Konya’s cultural and social life.

How to get to the 80 Thousandth Revolutions World Park?

You can reach the park by Konya Metropolitan Municipality’s buses and minibusses.
The address of the park: Durunday Mahallesi, Dutlu Caddesi, Meram, Konya.
Phone number of the park: 0332 327 00 61.

What is the entrance fee for the 80 Thousandth Revolutions World Park?

The entrance fee to the park is 10 TL.
The park is open for visitation every day of the week from 09:00 to 18:00.