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Ali Yıldırım


Opened its doors in 2015, Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden, with its 1,600 square meters butterfly flight area, mesmerizes visitors with its stunning beauty, ranking as one of Europe’s largest and one of the world’s notable butterfly flight areas. This unique garden, brought to life by Selçuklu Municipality, offers a true butterfly paradise with its 3,500 square meters of walking area and a total usage area of 7,600 square meters.

Providing a natural habitat for approximately 10,000 butterflies from 45 different species, brought from tropical countries, Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden is adorned with around 20,000 plants representing 98 different animal species. This exceptional combination creates an ideal environment for butterflies to complete their life cycles and display their natural behaviors.

One of the most remarkable features of the garden is the meticulous control of temperature and humidity. With a tropical climate, the Butterfly Garden maintains a constant temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of 80 percent. These conditions are of critical importance for the well-being and reproduction of the butterflies.

The unique beauty of Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden is not limited to its inhabitants. Graceful butterflies, nourished by fruits left by caretakers, create a colorful visual spectacle. This vibrant display offers unforgettable moments to visitors and becomes a favorite subject for photography enthusiasts.

Beyond being a mere tourist attraction, the garden also plays a significant educational role. Visitors can observe the life cycle of butterflies and acquire more knowledge about nature through events organized by expert teams. Biologists and veterinarians work diligently to ensure the well-being and preservation of these graceful creatures.

The architectural design of Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden is equally impressive. Designed by Arup, a London-based multinational architectural and engineering firm, the garden takes the form of a butterfly and is covered with a glass roof. This unique design earned it the prestigious Best Architectural Design in Turkey award in the 2018 Sign of the City Public Buildings category.

Inside the garden, visitors can enjoy entertaining and educational experiences at the Butterfly Museum, the Insect Museum, and the Nature Education Classroom. Scientific activities focused on mushrooms, birds, insects, and other fascinating creatures are organized for students, aiming to raise awareness about nature and wildlife.

Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden welcomes approximately 350,000 tourists annually and has become one of the region’s prominent tourist destinations. Operating from 09:30 to 17:30, the garden remains closed on Mondays.

As Turkey’s first butterfly conservation area, this garden holds great importance in preserving natural habitats and increasing butterfly populations. With its warm hospitality and unique beauty, Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden invites those seeking to witness the colorful dance of butterflies.